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We focus on


So where does that fit into your marketing plan? EVERYWHERE! 

The content we create is strategically outlined during our pre-production phase so that you can utilize your video assets across all of your platforms.


Whether you handle your marketing + social media internally; or if you work with other agencies, we’ll connect and collaborate with your teams/agencies to seamlessly align all of your efforts. 

Kyle Susmin
Owner & Video Producer
at 1Mo

Whenever you need video,

we got you covered!

You can think of us as an extension of your internal team and in that role you can expect us to not only be your video creator, but your coach and advisor anytime you're looking for guidance.


We understand that the digital appearance of your brand/business plays a HUGE factor in having your clients and customers trust you. That makes it our job at 1Motion to make sure the videos we create reflect the high end services and products you provide.

With different video styles to choose from, we help you in determining which of these styles will allow you to reach your goals. Whether you’re looking for a single video to display on your website or ongoing content for social media, blogs, advertising, and more; every package we create can be custom fit for your needs.


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