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Videos designed for
Healthcare Organizations

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We create content so you can inform, connect and engage

with your current and prospective patients.

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Patients ask themselves important questions
before making medical decisions...

"Can they treat my condition?"

"Do they accept my insurance?"

"Can I TRUST them with my health?"

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The Challenge for Healthcare Organizations:

Patients are online searching for experienced and skilled healthcare providers, but all too often will overlook your organization because they don't feel a connection or get a true sense of who will be helping them. Patients now expect you to have a strong digital presence and if you do not have one, they'll move on to another provider who they can get to know quicker and easier. 

How Video
Provides Results:

We create video content that informs and displays your authenticity, giving patients the comfort they're looking for to choose your organization. Sharing these videos consistently provides you with the opportunity to become a leader in your field, while in return creating lifetime patients and receiving constant referrals.


Connect and Gain Trust

  • Introduce physicians so that patients can get to know them.

  • Standout and be seen as a leader within your specialty.

  • Consistent content will remind patients & other physicians to refer your practice.

Vision Exam

Inform and Educate

  • Explain your services and procedures.

  • Remind patients to set appointments.

  • Answer frequently asked questions.

Hospital Corridors

Save Time Internally

  • Guide patients on how to prepare for their appointment.

  • Provide aftercare instructions.

  • Teach new staff your internal protocols.


Ready to start creating
engaging VIDEOS? 

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The types of content you can choose from:

  • Explainer Videos ​

  • Doctor Discussions  

  • Meet The Staff 

  • Testimonials 

  • Procedures

  • Aftercare Instructions

  • How to Administer Medications

  • Showcase Products

  • Tour The Office

  • Promotions

  • Motion Graphics 

  • Still Graphics

  • Photos 

  • Presentations to Investors

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Provide Value
Across All Of Your Networks:

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How It Works

Step 2

Whether we come to your location, or capture the footage through a remote video call, we'll advise and coach you to look and sound your very best.

Step 1

Let's create a custom content plan and outline video topics based on your specialty, procedures and services that you offer.

From a single video shoot, we're able to edit and provide many videos, which will include your branding and other stylistic features to keep your viewers engaged. You'll now have a library of content to use across your website, social profiles, emails and more!

Step 3

Sign up for a

Monthly Content Plan.

We'll provide you with consistent

Videos, Photos + Graphics,

so that you'll always have

new content to post. 

Want to see which plan is right for you?


Keep your
brand's image

See Examples Button
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5 Content Styles

You Should Be Using 


Doctor Discussions

  • Explain Services + Procedures

  • Announce Treatment Plans

  • Discuss Preventatives

  • Talk Trending Topics

  • Respond to FAQs

  • Educate On Relevant Topics

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  • Behind The Scenes

  • Job Responsibilities

  • Special Announcements

  • Tour The Facility

  • Explain Aftercare

  • Showcase Success Stories


Meet The Staff

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Motion Graphics

  • Infographics

  • Explain Services + Procedures

  • Client Reviews

  • Showcase Before + Afters

  • Seasonal Topics

  • Highlight Accomplishments

  • Industry News

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People want to hear about the success patients have had when using your practice.  Allowing them to tell their stories and experiences first hand is a valuable way to demonstrate the amazing results your physicians can provide.  



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  • Headshots Of Staff

  • Doctors In Action

  • Tour Facility

  • Medical Equipment

  • Before/Afters

  • Smiling Patients

Your brand is due for
a check-up

We'll examine your online appearance and
advise on how you can improve your content. 

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